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Will try to keep up…

April 24, 2011

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!  Easter has always been low-key my whole life, and I like to keep it that way.  I let my kids go to their dad’s – ok, they go over there if they want, they’re 24 and 18! – where they make a big deal out of the baskets and everything.

I went to the beach (naturally!) and then to my friend’s house for lunch.

Some photos from today:

Trying to hide, but I spotted it!  Beautiful color, perfect shape and wonderfully frosted and rounded!

I’ve been moving away from just picking up any glass that I can use for jewelry, as I don’t think my hands are going to let me do that much longer or at least not very often.  So now I go for the pieces I love… vibrant colors, perfectly frosted or just plain interesting shapes.

I also look more and more for crinoids and other fossils:

This was so little!  It actually made me think I need to bring tweezers with me to pick up some of these things.  I kept losing it in the rocks.

A little white heart!

And the full of today’s stash:

A productive day.  Although I realized I cannot go glassing in jeans and I really, really need to knock off some pounds.

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