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not quite smooth sailing

November 21, 2010

It has been, and will probably continue to be, a rough week.  Starting a new RA drug, and weaning off an anxiety drug do not make make for easy days.  Or nights either for that matter.

Yesterday I decided I needed that break.  And since it was sunny I didn’t want to waste a chance to go glassing.  Who knows how many more nice, sunny days we’ll have. 

I’ve been re-thinking my whole glassing needs.  Yes, it really is fun and relaxing to make jewelry and other items with what I find.  But just finding great pieces, and coal and tiny, tiny snail shells is more of what it is all about for me.

Amazing.  An old clear, a tiny blue, a couple of green, a fossil, a milk glass, just sitting and waiting.

Two reds in one day is almost unheard of around here.  Will admit though, the zebra mussel shells drive me insane.  They’re everywhere, and so invasive.

Seafoams and another blue.  And that’s not even all…

A true aqua.  Tiny shard, but so vibrant.

And an antique, or at least very old, fishing lure I believe.  It’s wood and I’ve never seen one like this.

There were more fun finds, maybe I’ll load those photos sometime… but a beautiful day back to my real reason for glassing.  And it ended with a visit with the best grandson in the world…

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