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September 5, 2010

I’ve taken so many photos lately, with both my own camera and the work “nicer” camera.  I’m hoping to get a new camera for myself soon too.  Nothing too fancy, just with a better telephoto and higher MP.

Finds from an “after work” relaxation hunt… 8-27-10

This was part of that find.  Tiny shells, fossils and unusual rocks.  And a fish scale (I think).  The round rock-looking ones with the hole or lighter center are called Crinoids.  I think I’ve mentioned them before, fossils of sea creatures something ilke 350 Million years old.

With a penny for scale.  If you look closely at the rock just below the penny, there is a tiny round circle.  That is also a crinoid fossil embedded.

Not sure what kind of stone this is, but I loved how it has so many different textures going on.  Not to mention the two colors.  I actually find quite a few stones with two colors like this, the center’s ranging from very light to very dark.

Two very small pieces of china found, one found that night, the other found the next day.

The rest of these were found over the course of the two days, Friday night and Saturday morning. 

These are kind of unusual with the way the black is kind of embedded in the white stone.  Some have a lot, some barely any (top left).

I love these bluish ones.  Been finding several now that I’m actively looking for them.  No idea what they are either.  I really need to get some kind of Great Lakes rock identifying book or something.

Another unusual color we find sometimes.  Range from light lime green to a darker kind of mossy green.

Rocks embedded in rocks.  Or more likely, ground down cement like the kind they used to make sidewalks with.  Remember trying to roller skate on the sidewalks when they were bumpy?

Pictures never do these justice.  Again, I’m not sure what they are, but they look like some sort of crystal or quartz.  The ones that are cracked have a sparkle to the center.  I pick these up every time I see one, I love them.

Other samples of not-ground-down “quartz” or whatever they are.  You can see the upper right, large one that has been cracked open, that whole area sparkles.

Chunk of black pottery.  Have different sized pieces and different patterns.  You can not see through it like you would a dark olive color glass.  I also have found some of the same material that have a fluorescent orange line painted around them.

Sometimes I’ll find pieces like this, which some call slag rock.  I don’t know their real name.

Tiny bottle filled with really tiny shells!  It’s almost full, added two more today.  Hope to fill the bottle totally then permanently affix the cork.

Last Saturday morning’s finds… 8-28-10.

Yesterday’s finds.  Two beaches.  Slim pickings since the waves were 6-8 feet.

Today’s finds.  Some nicely rounded pieces, but nothing exciting.  Only one really good was this:

A pretty small piece,  originally I only saw the green parts.  It wasn’t until I got home that I saw the tiny pink rosebud.  The “yellow” behind it I think is more just rusty than a yellow piece!

Might take more photos later or tomorrow.  My daughter’s boyfriends dad told her I could borrow his metal detector!  I’m excited about that!

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