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trying something new

July 1, 2010

Something un-jewelry

Kind of hard to see here, and it was a difficult picture to take.  It will be a windchime/suncatcher.  I found that big blue bottle bottom yesterday.  It wasn’t quite “done” but it was perfect for this, something I’ve had in my head for quite a while.  I’m also hoping to make a couple more for a few people.  Couple of birthdays coming up.

The best pieces I found yesterday:

The one on the right sort of looks like it has bits of steel in it.  I’m used to seeing this, since I grew up around the mills.  I remember Steel City Bank in South Chicago had their sidewalks made with steel flecks that sparkled in the sun.  But this is very light, not even as heavy as a piece of stone.

The darker lavender shade was exactly like this when I found it:

Perfectly beautiful!  Of course my daughter wants it.  Now I just have to figure out what to make with it. 

Tonight I am too exhausted to think about new ideas.  Usually they just come to me anyway, and work their way around my head for a while before I turn it into something.  I took my daughter and her boyfriend to the zoo today.  Sometimes RA really makes me depressed when I think of how I would have been able to do that plus a lot more before I was hit with it.

Such is life.  We deal with it and move on.

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