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browns and honey and more

June 27, 2010

Just made this bracelet today…

I had drilled the glass last weekend, when I made a few others…

Gonna make a necklace to match I think.  Just have to find another vintage white pearl drop.

Some cornflower blues and whites…

I like the colors of this.  Like the green the other day, I”m using a mix of glass and plastic, vintage and new.

This is a pin/brooch.  A rectangle piece of slate, where I added a tiny shell, a small piece of uncut quartz and a tiny piece of green beach glass.   I have another piece of slate I’m going to make another pin with too.

Just took a vintage pin and added a piece of lime green beach glass.  I didn’t intend it, but the shape of the glass matches some of the cut outs of the pin.

More of a “manly” piece, I hope.  A natural hole in a piece of beach stone.  I put it on a black vinyl cord, looping it through the hole.

I actually started this several weeks ago.  Painted a wood wreath frame a light blue and added the white glass.  I didn’t like how the candle sat in the middle though, so today I glued a small round mirror to the bottom.  It feels a little “safer” to me now!

I think that’s all the recent stuff… except for this new addition to the family:

His name is Thunder.  Because of the dark gray “clouds” on the white.  My daughter and I missed having a pet, so I saw this guy and his litter on craigslist and went to get him.  It’s fun having a little pet again.

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  1. WineCountryman permalink
    June 27, 2010 12:46 am

    Think it is great how creative you are with all the different things you do with our art work. Now if I could just get motivated I sawed out some sterling silver genko leaf earrings last night just have to make the ear wires and get them finished. I think it is great to look at the things that other people make.

  2. WineCountryman permalink
    June 27, 2010 12:47 am

    My Post was to say ” With Your art work……..sorry for the typo…..

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