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I really need to get better at this.

June 12, 2010

I update my other spots pretty well.  Just not when it comes to my glassing.  I haven’t listed anything new on etsy in a little while either.  My excuse is this netbook.  It’s so not easy to do much on this thing.  But I finally signed up for internet with tmobile using a “stick”.  As soon as I take the time to figure that out I’ll get better.  I hope.  It is summer after all.

Right now my van is being worked on by a friend from grade school.  Yea, you read that right.  Facebook put me back in touch with all kinds of people.  I met up with a few of them last Saturday night and one guy, Tom, mentioned he had just put brakes on his truck.  My van needed brakes bad.  So Tom is doing them for me today.

So what have I done recently…

Several glassing days have been happening.  Some with great results.

A very nice  blue, with a couple of tiny pieces too.  Have a close up of the blue, but apparently uploaded it at work 😦

Oh well, there are still more of glass!

A nice little piece of blue china in this batch.  At work I know I have photos of a couple of other pieces of china, a few milk pieces, and plenty of beautifully smooth ones!

And now, here’s a couple of bracelets I made last weekend.  You get a little bit more done when you don’t have internet access…

Simple bracelet, using new glass beads and one piece of emerald green patterned glass.  I am angry though that I drilled the hole in the wrong place, at least not the place I intended.  Don’t know what happened.  But I figure when I add it to etsy I can say an initial can be engraved on the bottom if they’d like.

A little closer.  Oh, I’ve also used Swarovsky crystals in there.   I love how this photo came out:

This next one took a little longer:

When my daughter first saw it, she immediately named it “Brenda”.  She said it reminded her of a good friend of mine.  It contains seafoam, emerald and lime green beach glass, Czech glass beads of various sizes, vintage pearls and borealis (sp?) beads, plus Swarovsky crystals.  A few green seed beads were also added.  Each dangle is hand strung on gunmetal pins and connected to a gunmetal bracelet with gunmetal jump rings.  There’s a lot of variety of beads!

A closer look:

Oh. And here’s another odd thing I found on the beach one day:

lol.  It’s an All-Pro jersey with I assume Peyton Manning’s number?  I don’t follow football close enough to know.  I haven’t even washed it yet, and haven’t decided what to do with it.  It’s a size 60!

That’s it for now.  Hopefully I’ll figure out that other internet thing tonight and be able to do this on a more regular basis.

wow.  I almost just lost all this… the internet burped.  Luckily all I lost were my tags.  Easy enough to redo!

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