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been a while

April 22, 2010

Here’s a photo update of what I’ve made recently:

Matching set.  A friend’s son is getting married May 1 so I created this for them to wear.  The wedding will be Celtic themed, the bride is wearing a green and ivory dress and the groom is wearing a kilt with a vest.  Unfortunately, I took this photo with my phone!  Can’t believe I didn’t take one with my regular camera.

The beads are vintage pearls, along with vintage seed beads and Swarovski crystals.  The pocket knife is vintage as well.

Better shot of the bride’s set.  The center piece has a pattern on the glass, as does the glass on the groom’s pocket knife.  They really liked it I guess!

This I made for my friend Pam, a cancer survivor.  The glass is a lavender piece, the crystals and pearls are Swarovski.

A day’s find, just after cleaning.  I still have to sort it all.  Can you tell sorting is not my most favorite thing to do?  I even found that spoon that day.  The large pieces on the upper right are the bottom of a Coke bottle that says Gary, Ind and a piece of a Pepsi bottle.  I also found this that same day:

This is the largest red I’ve ever found, of the 3 or 4 I have.  I find it sad that ship/boat lanterns and lights are now made with plastic.  Red will be few and far between, even more so than currently.

A choker.  Orchid velvet ribbon with white patterned glass and Swarovski rhinestones.  The pattern on the glass is more like indentations and I used the flow of that to put on the rhinestones.

My daughter wearing the choker.

The Chicago skyline as seen from Marquette Beach in Gary, IN.  Yea, I’m that close.

The latest piece, took me three evenings after work to finish!  Five graduated strands, five graduated sizes of white glass with a pale seafoam as the center of each size.  Then – to keep it from being too heavy – I used plastic seed beads in iridescent white and silver, silver spacer beads and glass faceted spacers.

Right now I have no new ideas in my head.

But here’s my grandson (this was taken almost two weeks ago already!)

I just love how cuddly he is!

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