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too rainy

March 8, 2010

I spent very little time at the beach yesterday.  It was warm enough, but the rain mixed with the RA just didn’t make it easy enough.  I could have picked up so much, but this is what I got:

Not a lot, but a good haul for less than a half hour.  There were several very nicely rounded pieces, and a couple of real “finds”:

A milk glass piece on the left, a tiny cobalt shard top center, not sure what the bottom center piece is, and my most unusual find to date I think, what looks like a piece from a Vaseline jar.

And these were this weekend’s creations – Saturday night actually:

Cross bracelet with brown glass and ivory pearl beads.

Close up of the cross, there are also gold and brown seed beads on each glass charm.

This is a set I made, we won’t talk about how long it took me to make it!

White glass with gray pearl beads.  The pearls all match in color, but are different shapes for each piece.  In addition, the glass on each piece is graduated in size.  The smallest glass for the earrings, medium glass for the bracelet and larger pieces for the necklace.  The necklace is 20″.

Close ups:


Might make more of the earrings, they came out really cute.  And I have plenty of the beads.  All from one necklace, I think it was a 30″ set, with different shapes and sizes along with ivory beads as well.

The necklace.  The beads on this are fairly big, but very light as they are hollow.

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