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page 3 – productive weekend

November 9, 2009

These items were finished over the weekend of 11-7-09.   I’ve noted the measurements of the pins and pendants now.

black barette

small barrette made with “black glass”.


black glass pin

“black glass” pin, a little over 1″ long


bw small

Small milk-white china and black glass pendant.  This piece is 3/4″ long.


china brown pin

One of my favorites!  This is a piece of china that has been tumbled so much, without cracking, that it has brown lines, added to a large piece of brown beach glass and smaller pieces of brown glass added for embelishment. Measures a little 1-1/2″ long.


claddagh bracelet

Claddaugh bracelet.  A silver Irish Claddaugh charm – showing love (heart) loyalty (crown) and friendship (hands) – with two triangular pieces of green beach glass.  The triangle, whether in a shamrock, a Celtic knot or the trinity, is very prevalent in the Irish culture.  The bracelet is 7″ and has a magnetic clasp.


claddagh necklace

Similar to above, no holes drilled into the beach glass, the charm is glued to the trangular piece of green glass.  Hangs from an 18″ silver chain which has a magnetic clasp.


heart barettes

My daughter’s favorites!  Two small barrettes with white beach glass and a hand-etched heart on green beach glass.


E pin

Lapel pin “E” on green beach glass “bottle bottom”.  Hand-etched monogram.  This piece is 2″ from tip to tip.


Irish heart

My Little Irish Heart.  Small heart-shaped (rare) piece of green beach glass, glued onto a triangular shaped white china piece.  Slightly less than 1″ long.


lucky bottle top

Lucky Bottle Top.  Green beach glass of a bottle top.  Very smooth edges, with a 4-leaf clover in silver and wrapped in silver wire.  This is just less than 1-1/2″ not including the bale.


lucky charm

Lucky Charm.  Small piece of green beach glass with a dangling 4-leaf clover in silver.  This sweet little piece is just over 1/2″ long.  Great for a little girl’s necklace!


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