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November 6, 2009

I’ve actually been putting a few of my favorite beach/lake pictures in these frames, just to make them look better, but these pictures don’t show that yet.  Will take new pictures soon!

all green

This is a bit of an unusual frame, it holds a 3×5 photo, but also has a mirror on the left.


B pin

Lapel pin, as shown below, can be done in brown, clear/white or green, the most plentiful colors available.  The initials are hand-etched by me.

H pin

K pin


lake house

This frame has distressed white wood, holds a 4×6 photo and has the words “Lake House” in vintage Scrabble™ tiles, and a piece of green beach glass.


white 1

Simple, white distressed-wood frame with shells and green beach glass, along with a small piece from a “cola” bottle.  All beach glass is collected by myself and cleaned.


white fall

White distressed-wood frame, with a few simple pieces of brown beach glass where the writing on the bottom of the bottle can still be clearly seen.


small barettes

Small barrette samples.  No two will be exactly alike.  You can get all one color, or have a mixture of colors.  Those with rare or pastel colors include pieces that are hard to find and hence hard to create.


Feel free to email or leave a comment if you’d like to have something special made.

Watch for more items after the weekend!

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